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Crysis object & levels folder

Sketchup model:

Keys for elevators:
Meeting place lift up:   p
Meeting place lift up:   o

Merkel up:         l
Merkel down:    k

Kerr up:       b
Kerr down:  n



CLIENTS: Miranda Kerr, Angela Merkel
BACKGROUND: When i think of the word 'power', i think of the struggles of gaining it, resulting in war and destruction. Although not in the same sense, our two clients are powerful and influential women, each aspiring to excel in what they do. This design of their offices in the 'bridge' hope to demonstrate and reflect their power whilst providing a comfortable space for them to work in.

An overall view of the 'bridge' with its surroundings. The landscape is of an urban city, just like the Central Park in NY. However, addressing my perception of destruction within power, the trees are dead and cities are left in darkness, just like if a nuclear bomb has annihilated the city. The bridge spans across this urban valley, bringing light and hope to destruction and misery.

This image capture is of Kerr's office and its supporting exterior. In response to Kerr's sexual powers, the form roughly takes the shape of a dressand her body figure. It is sleek and fashionable, curvaceous and free flowing, luring towards her. 

In contrast to Kerr's space, Merkel space is made of prisms, reflecting on her strong position as Germany's leader. It projects a sense of stability and boldness, whilst providing a welcoming space for her in the face of disagreements and hardship.

Looking from the meeting space towards Merkel's office showing the structural frame and opaque cover. I decided to assert the aspect of structure in covering up the space inside to demonstrate the idea of inner determination, allowing both clients to reach their full potential and also provides a safe and nurturing space for them to work in.

This image is of the meeting area once it has rejoined the bridge. The table is influenced by the conference tables. it acts as an elevator to transport the clients from the ground up to the bridge. The circular shape and connection with each other components recognises that power is a complex concept but is central to the balance of mankind.